The Five W’s



Am I supposed to have a style when writing my blog?  Today’s WEGO health activist blog challenge is to explain my writing style for you, my reader.  This is an elusive task; I have wondered about this myself more than once.  How do those words come out of my brain and onto the paper without conscious effort on my part?

The typewriter and its evolution into the computer keyboard allows  me to capture my thoughts in an efficient manner; until this evolutionary point  in communication,  my ideas were often fleeting because I could not write as fast as I would think them.  My ideas were often lost, thanks to gaps in my memory and very slow penmanship, leaving me to lament  “ If only I had taken shorthand in high school. “ Who can begin to count how many brilliant words have escaped into the void rather than being shared with you.  There might even have been a great American novel, or at least a short story, in the midst.

Beyond the mechanics of writing –  using a keyboard to commit words forever – there is no particular style I use, as you will see among my writing here.  I  relate best to first person narratives, those events  happening in my life that I want to share.  ‘Write what you know’  is one of the first lessons taught in any writing course, and I definitely know about my own situation.

Having not one, but two chronic diseases certainly contributes to the material that I often write about; Multiple Sclerosis and heart disease provides enough ideas, including those moments of black humor that only other sufferers can understand.  We identify with each and every achievement and pitfall on this journey and sharing those adventures in a blog strengthens my sense of community and resolve to continue.

The most difficult part of my writing at the end of any piece is really the beginning – the title.  I continue to struggle with just the right choice to reach out and grab your attention and draw you into MyStory.   I often  wish that I had my own personal copy editor to pen a catchy headline for me, leaving me the luxury of focusing solely on the story.

In this  brief compilation of  words I have given you my four W’s – who, what, when, and  where  I blog.  Which leaves me with the fifth W remaining, which is equally important – Why do you read these blogs?

Wishing you well