My Health Interest on Pinterest


Today’s blog challenge is to take a moment to construct a Pinterest board with three images that reflects my health focus – and these are the trio you can find at my board  at

Patient advocacy is about empowerment – giving medical consumers the information and confidence necessary to take charge of their own health situation.   This says it all: My Life, My Health. I hope that as an online mentor and leader for those with Mulitple Sclerosis , I am able to convey the importance of taking charge of our own medical treatment.

When we get together with others with the same questions, concerns and experiences, we easily become a community that is able to puzzle together the pieces.  We get a lot further working together, than individually.  There really is strength in numbers and belonging to a community ends that sense of isolation that can destroy the spirit and body.

The third and final pin in this blog assignment is this simple bouquet of flowers.  These are meant to remind us that no matter how dire our situation might be, we are still surrounded by beauty.  Stop and smell the roses is much more than a clichéd saying; it gives balance to our lives and reminds us that not every waking moment is related to our health concerns and those difficulties.


Wishing you well.

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