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No, not me, but MEE – Motivating, Educating and Empowerment, which is the teleconferences theme for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.  You might already know I am a big fan of all the free programs made available in the MS community to help us to learn more.  You probably also know, I am a big fan of my MS neurologist, Aaron Boster, Ohio Health.  When you put the two together, I expect really great things.

December 8, 8:30-9:30 PM,  the MS Foundation is hosting a teleconference featuring Dr. Boster, who will speak on Technology to Improve the Treatment of MS.  At my last appointment, he hinted at new MRI imaging techniques for all of his MS patients that will not only look for lesions but also measure brain atrophy and I  hope he will speak about those advances.  That alone could take the entire hour, but I’m sure there are other technology advances he will address as well.

The MSF teleconferences are free, and you can join via phone and also view the presentation via the internet via these links:

Call 1-888-550-5602  then dial code 23441168 when prompted

To view the presentation, go to

If you can’t make it Tuesday night live, MSF offers replays on their website  at 

You might want to also check out the other great speakers they have hosted, including MS physical therapist specialist Herb Karpatkin, who did a teleconference last week on Maintaining Independence through Assistive Technology.  Unfortunately there is only the audio and not the slides and he talks about a lot of simple and inexpensive devices that might be useful to us.  A search on the internet will turn up many of these devices he talks about in this teleconference.  Note – it took a while but I finally found the controls for fast forward and pausing these sessions located at the bottom of the page and not at the top where there is a play only button.

As always, I encourage everyone to learn more about MS – the field of multiple sclerosis constantly changes and it’s up to us to educate ourselves.

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