Recap and wishes for a happy new year!


In case you missed my recent articles on, here is a recap of the ones published from September up to today.   I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and healthy and happy new year.  Be well, Laura


Feasting and MS

By Laura Kolaczkowski – December 20, 2015

The holidays are here and that means for many of us, it is also a season of gluttony – there’s so much to take in, we often are overwhelmed. There are so… READ MORE

Another Medical Mystery

By Laura Kolaczkowski – December 17, 2015

We recognize the cause of multiple sclerosis is one huge mystery waiting to be solved, but there is another medical question that plagues us almost as much…. What will treating my MS… READ MORE

Speaking of Multiple Sclerosis

By Laura Kolaczkowski – December 2, 2015

The other day I was listening to XM Radio and had it on the Doctor Radio Channel – yes, that is my guilty pleasure. I tune in to in and listen and learn,… READ MORE

Changing Seasons for MS

By Laura Kolaczkowski – November 21, 2015

I don’t know about your feelings, but I am pleased that summer is gone and the heat of the dog days of summer have given way to the cool nights of the fall. The… READ MORE

Mary Poppins & MS

By Laura Kolaczkowski – November 14, 2015

We all get them in our online browsing – those small advertisements that promote something about multiple sclerosis in the hope we will take the time to click on it and learn… READ MORE

When Life Has Other Plans

By Laura Kolaczkowski – November 7, 2015

It’s an easy wager that most everyone can identify with the reality that our life plan rarely follows the course we think it will. Sometimes there are minor changes in our plans, but… READ MORE

What Happens When We Stop DMTs?

By Laura Kolaczkowski – October 31, 2015

We’ve talked about this before – the idea that perhaps the disease modifying treatment (DMT) I’m taking is no longer packing a punch and it is not doing much of anything for… READ MORE


Breast Exams & Multiple Sclerosis

By Laura Kolaczkowski – October 29, 2015

October health awareness moments are dominated by pink for breast cancer but as I slowly stepped up to the machine for my annual mammogram, I muttered that it might take a bit longer… READ MORE

MS Truths on the Internet

By Laura Kolaczkowski – October 24, 2015

If it’s on the Internet it has to be true, right? Especially if it shows up on your notices through someplace special like Google alerts, which send me the multiple sclerosis TOP headlines… READ MORE

Siblings & MS

By Laura Kolaczkowski – October 18, 2015

Today is my baby sister’s birthday – ok, none of us are babies anymore so I’ll switch that one to my youngest sister, but it still tells you her birth order in… READ MORE

Creepy MS

By Laura Kolaczkowski – October 15, 2015

We’re heading into the fall season and thoughts turn to the creepy, crawling paranormal things that startle even the strongest and bravest of us at Halloween, especially when they appear from nowhere…. READ MORE

Determination or Stubbornness?

By Laura Kolaczkowski – October 12, 2015

What is it that keeps us going when stopping might be the wiser choice? I was in Washington DC a while back and had some free time and I was excited that my… READ MORE

Interview on the PPMS ORATORIO Study

By Laura Kolaczkowski – October 11, 2015

People with primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS) finally have something to cheer about in a potential disease modifying therapy. Genentech and Roche pharmaceutical companies announced the results of their studies of ocrelizumab in… READ MORE

Knockout Drugs: Ocrelizumab and Biotin

By Laura Kolaczkowski – October 6, 2015

It’s that time again for the MS specialists, researchers, nurses, therapists and journalists to gather for the annual ECTRIMS conference. ECTRIMS, short for the European Committee for the Treatment and Research in Multiple… READ MORE

Got MS? Who Cares?

By Laura Kolaczkowski – October 4, 2015

No, I’m not being rude and flippant with that question. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as I read materials on MS caregivers and the articles and responses by people here… READ MORE

Do You Remember?

By Laura Kolaczkowski – October 1, 2015

For me, it’s sometimes yes, and often no. I wish I could find a pattern to what it is that sticks in my memory for longer than a fleeting moment. I know there are… READ MORE



By Laura Kolaczkowski – September 22, 2015

This article is part of an ongoing series about people who are Making A Difference (MAD) about MS. Visit Ashli Hopson’s, Stuart Schlossman’s, and Lydiaemily’s interviews. Perhaps you are one of the… READ MORE


By Laura Kolaczkowski – September 10, 2015

Legalized gambling can be found in 46 states – gambling is legal in all but Hawaii, Tennessee, Utah and Vermont. Each time a person puts money into a casino machine or puts… READ MORE

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