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Standard covers many chronic diseases and offers a contest each year in all of the disease categories for the top blogs.  I always wonder how these work so this year when the opportunity came up, I self-nominated my own blog. I thought just getting my name out there and having people vote for my blog would be sufficient, but I guess that isn’t the secret to cracking their elusive group.

Initially I was disappointed that my personal blog, was not selected as one of HealthLine’s top MS blogs for 2016, even though they have a lengthy list of 23 announced in a recent email.  Healthline introduces their Top MS Blogs by writing

We’ve carefully selected these blogs because they are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information. If you would like to tell us about a blog, nominate them by emailing us at!”

When I was perusing the list, I found many great bloggers on the top 23 list, including some written by friends and many that are hosted by advocacy organizations like NMSS and MSAA.  But then there were others I was not familiar with and wanted to learn more about these top bloggers.

After clicking on each of these unknown, I find there are a few on the list that are inactive blogging sites, having not had anything new posted on them for months or even this year.  Their #2 listed blog has had not activity since August 2015, yet they have been given this award for their frequent updates and high-quality information. This is a bit puzzling but maybe I’m missing something.

Most surprising and entertaining to me is to find one of their suggested sites having me do a double take – I backed up and reclicked their link to be sure I was on the right page.  Their description reads:

“OzMS Blog!

MS isn’t just about pain, and it isn’t just about fatigue or losing sensation. MS is many things. On the OzMS blog, you’ll find posts about medications, new studies, and helpful gadgets, along with instructional videos for medications and injections, and information on upcoming conferences and symposiums.”


This “top MS blog” has a lengthy essay on how with just 30  minutes of self massage a day I can make my breasts larger and then closes with this weblink – Visit http://londonxcity/escorts for attractive and beautiful woman.   I find no mention of MS at all in this essay on the value of big boobs.


Whatever the vetting process for selecting these blogs must include, I have to say I am feeling less disappointed that my writings didn’t make the list because obviously they weren’t read closely or perhaps not at all. To any of you who read this and may have also been on the nominated list, keep in mind none of us write about MS for a purple badge of honor to post on our sites.  It continues for me to be enough to remember that many of you read my blog, make your comments and share my thoughts with others.  But watch out, just maybe next year I might find a better topic, such as natural breast enhancement to increase my odds of gathering attention.


be well,


PS thanks to all of you who took the time to vote and to vote often for my entry!

2 thoughts on “Big Boobs & MS Blog Awards

  1. I too wonder how this is possible to not have this be active with the top bloggers. You me and others should be listed there and yet where we are not

  2. so my comment yesterday from 35,000 feet simply did not make sense. What I was trying to say is that The Healthline principles merely do not make sense. How to, would what I do and the amount of people reached, be overlooked?
    Yes, what you wrote about inactive bloggers, being recognized? What the heck is that all about?

    I think I can name ten top Bloggers for MS and yes Laura, you are included. Me too for that matter and yes, Lisa and Trevis…

    When and if you learn what makes Healthline click, please do share……

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