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Time sure has a way of getting away from us and I feel that a lot as I notice my personal blog has sat here neglected.  It’s not that I don’t have things to say and write about, as I have been busy with other outlets. To give a quick update-

I am still writing for –  the great group of people at Health Union would have a hard time getting rid of me because I love their approach to consumer medical care and empowerment.  They are an amazing group of people to work with, and I particularly like that they will print whatever I submit, with no editorial control.  You can catch all of my writings there via this index link-


In June at the Consortium for MS Centers Annual Meeting, I met the owner of Multiple Sclerosis News Today, an online reporting source of medical news and I began a weekly column on patient engagement for their publication. My column, Engaging Thoughts, is a look at some of the tough areas needed to move  research forward. I’ve slowly gathered regular readers but it appears the hot topics the people with MS there want to read are about ‘cures,’ whether they are proven or not.  How we engage as patients is an important topic and I’m thankful the MS News Today owner is sticking with this idea and allowing me the opportunity have this conversation.

Additionally, I have written for Mango Health, a health app that has some interesting side uses.  I have a series of articles on various topics coming out, including one on Strength Training. If you don’t know Mango Health, you might want to check them out and give their app a try to tracking your health needs and other activities of daily living.

REAL MS™ is a longitudinal study for people affected by MS, and it officially launched this month.  we also have a long-awaited new look to the iConquerMS™ website and portal. I’m excited about both of these and happy to share we have over 3,100 people now enrolled with our PPRN.

It has been a long summer for me filled with conferences, writing, research, health challenges and much more.  The majority of things though have been great and I hope to be sharing more good news in the near future.  Until then, I hope you will follow the above links and catch up on any of my articles you may have missed reading, leave your feedback, and learn a bit more about my life with MS.

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