Life and MS- A Worthy Website


Upfront I want to confess the internet can consume so much of my time when I start looking for ‘something’ and find lots of ‘somethings’ to view.  Often that time is just wasted but sometimes I come across a gem.  Today I found such a site that I’m excited to share because it has some content I have not found elsewhere.  I came across this site because I was looking for stretching exercises for my hip abductor muscles and they have a large number of exercises posted, all of which are much like what I have done in physical therapy. They have short videos and also photo illustrated exercises that are appropriate for those of us with MS.

It is not often that I find a website produced by a pharmaceutical company that makes me excited enough to share it with my readers, but is different. It took me only a few moments to find and research the company behind this site – it is Almirall, the pharmaceutical company that markets Sativex, a compound made from cannabinoids, that is used to treat spasticity.  Sativex is widely available in Europe, Asia and elsewhere in the world, but is not licensed by the FDA for sale in the US.  As best as I can tell they are situated in Spain, but the website is in easy to understand English.

Sativex is found to be effective in relieving the symptoms of spasticity, and Almirall has dedicated much of their MS information on the website to this common symptom, which they say affects 82% of us but they add that in 50% of the people it is a mild symptom. Their site has a simulator to allow people to better understand what spasticity is and how it affects so many of us with multiple sclerosis, through the use of a simple drawing challenge where you can select the level of spasticity to affect your ability to complete the task.

Interestingly, there is no mention about their product Sativex, cannabinoids or medical marijuana anywhere on the website.  I don’t know if that is because advertising by pharma laws are different in  Europe, or if they just chose to be commercial free. Either way, there is just lots of very good, useful information about living with MS and simple exercises that most everyone could do even if you don’t have this disease.  I hope you will take some time to browse their pages and let me know if you find it useful






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