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If you join iConquerMS before Friday, April 14, we will send you an iConquerMS  t-shirt for free. We will even pay the postage to anywhere in the US.

iConquerMS™ is facing a deadline for enrolling people in our online registry of people affected by MS, (and their friends and family as controls)  and we need you to join us today.

You’ve already joined iConquerMS but still want a shirt? 

Recruit one other person to join iConquerMS and when they join….

We will send you and them an iConquerMS t-shirt! There is a spot in the registration where people can tell us how they heard about iConquerMS and they can put your name in that space to make sure you get your free t-shirt. This means we will pay the postage twice!


How can you get your own free iConquerMS t-shirt?

Go to and click on the button that says JOIN NOW and follow the prompts. 

You can learn more while there about who we are and how your health information will help advance MS research for the people who matter most – you and me!!

Claim your free iConquerMS t-shirt today and help us conquer MS!



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