Your input needed for talk!


Want to help envision the perfect world of MS Comprehensive Care and share that message with the largest gathering of MS clinicians in the US? The Consortium for MS Centers Annual meeting is coming in May and we have a unique opportunity to share our ideas about MS Care via one of the presenters.

Copy these questions, and send them with your reply to  That is an email address I set up to receive responses. I will not be sharing your personal information with the person giving the talk.


Your name (only first name will be use!)

Your state (or country)

Photo (if you are willing) – make sure it is a high quality resolution pic because when I say big screen, I mean BIG screen

Is your  MS doctor in a comprehensive clinic setting?

Doctor’s name if you are willing to share – this will NOT Be a part of the presentation

What would your ideal MS Comprehensive Center offer/In a perfect world, what would your MS clinic look like?

Are the services  you need available to you in your MS clinic  or do you have to travel to other places?

If parent of small children, how difficult is it to arrange childcare for your medical visits ?

Are support groups or other meetings held at your clinic?

Does your clinic have a way to find out what patients think, such as an advisory board? Would that be useful to your clinic?

Any other ideas you want to share….. bring it on!


This is our chance to be heard!!

be well,



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