Smart Patients & iConquerMS™ Collaboration


The people in the MS community are some of the smartest patients around – we read, we research, and we study multiple sclerosis.  And quite often we do something even more special – we share what we know and how our lives with MS are going to help others.

Finding a secure and safe place for sharing about our healthcare experiences and questions isn’t always easy or simple. For some of us, it might be in a local support group, or one-on-one conversations by phone or email.  But many of us want to connect with more people and that is why I am so excited to share
our new partnership
between Smart Patients and iConquerMS™.

Unlike so many other online forums, the Smart Patients Multiple Sclerosis Community is protected from the internet trolls who create chaos, and data mining is blocked with the most stringent methods. This means companies who are constantly researching MS in the background by gathering analytics in patient discussion groups cannot access our conversations. I love the Smart Patients model that ensures
the site is for patients and our loved ones. Period.  Researchers, clinicians and others won’t be members of our community and we can feel free to share what we want.  It is not possible for outsiders to come into the community and read our posts – you have to be a member to view the conversation and that function is closely controlled by our partners at SmartPatients.

Some of our best ideas come when we work through situations and problems with input from others.


Smart Patients is a secure, safe online community where people with common interests in multiple sclerosis are meeting up, having conversations, sharing ideas.  Peer support is powerful, and can give us the emotional strength to face the challenges of MS.

Aside from providing peer support, the online MS patient community can also discuss topics, trends and ideas for iConquerMS research. The patient journey is an important step in identifying ideas that improve care and quality of life for MS patients and their families. Roni Zeiger, Smart Patients founder and CEO says, “The magic happens when we put data in the context of conversations. This helps patients learn from each other and can help all of us learn what research questions matter the most.”

Smart Patients is an exclusive closed group, and you must either have MS, or be a family member or loved one affected by MS personally to join Smart Patients

You don’t have to be a member of iConquerMS to be part of the Smart Patients MS Community, but I hope you will want to be a part of both.


There are two ways to get to the Smart Patients MS community –

  1. Sign-up for Smart Patients MS community through iConquerMS .
  2. You can also get to this exciting new forum directly from the web via

No matter how you get to the Smart Patients Multiple Sclerosis Community, you will find a vital  and growing community discussing  life with MS and ways we can make our lives better. I hope you’ll join me in deeper and richer conversation about life with MS at Smart Patients.

be well,