Drew the Short Straw


This week is the annual ECTRIMS meetings. The European Committee for Treatment and Research in MS is the premiere research event for multiple sclerosis.  I talked about going but didn’t make much effort to find support to attend, even though it is being held in Paris. It would have been nice to stroll around that lovely city, but wasn’t meant to be.

It is also the week for the American Congress for Rehabilitation Medicine, a conference that was amazing to attend last year in Chicago.  This year they are meeting in Atlanta, and I had a hotel room booked for the last six months.  Our plans to have a panel presentation on iConquerMS at ACRM didn’t materialize, and I cancelled my travel plans for Atlanta.  I always like to visit the Peach state capital, but I had another option.

Several times a year the PCORnet principal investigators (PI) and co-PIs meet in Washington, and instead of Paris or Atlanta, I had a nice room and airline ticket for Washington DC. This would have been my time to hear from other PIs of the various networks that comprise PCORnet. The work of iConquerMS is ongoing and gathering with the other network representatives is useful in many ways.

But I’m not in DC, either.

Why not?  I wrenched my back somehow on Thursday, and I was unable to stand upright until my chiropractor fixed me late Friday. I’m still sore, and saw the doctor again today for another manipulation and realignment.  I’m feeling better, but am still quite sore and achy.  On the advice of the chiropractor, I did the responsible thing and stayed home from DC.

So I’m sitting at home, thankful that I wasn’t in Paris, Atlanta, or DC when my back problem struck. This could have been much worse if I were stranded somewhere and injured and unable to move about without pain. But I still can’t help but think I drew the short straw and have been left behind in Ohio.

On the plus side, I can use this quiet time to write  for my blog and other outlets, and plan my next trip. Hopefully that will come off better.






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