World MS Day 2016 and OrangeMoji’s


World MS Day is May 25 and the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (MSF) with support from Novartis is challenging us to bring out our best orange for the day – as in a real orange that we have turned into an OrangeMoji to bring awareness to MS.

ripe orange with leaves on white background

I have to go on record that  even though I love the color orange I still wish our official awareness color was one that could be rhymed.  Songwriters and poets have yet to come up with anything that rhymes with orange so instead we have to settle for the thought that a picture is worth a thousand words.   Keep thinking about it and let me know if you come up with a word or two.IMG_1886Interpreters say the dream of an orange is a symbol of health and the fulfillment of wishes.  Now they don’t say what kind of health that may be but perhaps someday as we all wish for, there will be a cure for MS and we will all have good health.  If this is the case, we might want to dream more about oranges but I think dreams about unicorns and rainbows would be even better since they signify hope and happy endings.


MSF invites everyone to create their own OrangeMoji that will convey the ‘I can do this!’ message of the song with the same name done by David Osmond. Please click on the link and have a listen – you might be surprised at the power of his message.  David also has MS and is a celebrity spokesperson for the Novartis company. People who submit an OrangeMoji will be eligible to win a chance to attend a listening party with David. So it’s simple – take an orange and some markers or other materials and make your own OrangeMoji, take a picture of it, and submit it online.  Your OrangeMoji might even appear in the next music video.


The message could show you’re not going to take what MS is dishing out ….IMG_1878

Or how your everyday attitude of laughing in the face of MS gets you through….IMG_1881

As David Osmond’s lyrics for I Can Do This remind us –

I’ve rehearsed a thousand times

I played it all out in my mind

And now it’s time to go, time to give the world the show

That I – I’ve been dreaming all my life


The day has come – I’m gonna give myself a chance

The fear is gone – This time I’m gettin’ off the fence

I’m moving on – The wait is over

Yeah, it’s my life, This is my life!


Whether you make an OrangeMoji or do something else, please be sure to join me and the 2.2+ million people in the world who have multiple sclerosis,  as we observe World MS Day 2016.  Whatever your OrangeMoji might look like – remember when you peel it open we are all the same and hoping for increased awareness to finding an end to MS for us and future generations.

be well,